About Us

Eddico brings together on one platform individuals/businesses who wish to move/transport and transport companies of all sizes who wish to offer this service. Under the principle of the best price and the best moving service, it ensures that the moving service is carried out in a safe manner and respecting the rights of both parties.

We work with reliable and professional moving service providers to meet your moving service needs. These include part or full day man and van hire, as well as professional packing, unpacking or disassembly and assembly. We ensure that all our transport partners adhere to our quality control system by providing identification, insurance, transport permits, etc.

As Eddico, we want to take the hassle out of checking the reliability of a transport company you will be working with. You do not have to worry about the removal service you receive. With the trustful transport partners of Eddico, you can enjoy a stress-free, safe, fast and professional move. If you need additional services before moving in or moving out, Eddico also offers the best moving services for cleaning, wall painting, maintenance, etc.

If you are a business owner, we care for you, too! Is it a regular transport service you require? Or is it a pallet of goods you need to deliver? With following simple steps, you can reach numbers of transport partners to get the most competitive offers for your business. 

At Eddico, your individual needs come first and we help you create the entire moving/transport plan according to those needs. With our one-to-one messaging system, you can discuss your specific moving requirements with the transport partners and develop tailor-made solutions. So do not worry if you have special requirements for your move. Our transport partners will take care of it!

Eddico's mission is to match you with the most reliable service partner for all your moving/transport needs at the most competitive prices and to ensure that you experience a satisfying, safe and fast move/transport.All you have to do is decide which partner you want to work with! No matter which transport partner you prefer, our moving service representatives are just a phone call or email away from you if you need any assistance.

With these services, Eddico aims to better connect individuals/businesses and transport service providers so that vehicles make fewer trips, carry more freight and emit fewer pollutants polluting emissions.